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 Nguyễn Trung Tây - Michael Nguyen, SVD

The Well
For The Thirsty Traveler

Realm of Light,
Photographed by NTT


moment of grace
dọn rác đêm giao thừa
January, 201

I philosophize with a simple logic, "If the world stops sweeping its own trash to its neighbor’s yard, and commences bending over to collect the huge trash in its own yard, the earth will become clean and shiny to the extent that gods in heaven will have the desire to be born as human beings on earth, and the Vietnamese ancestors will delightedly await the midnight on Tet’s Eve, the moment the incense on the altar rises up to heaven inviting our ancestors to return to the earth to celebrate and to enjoy Tết with us!"...

moment of grace
the night of paradox
24 December 2016

The first Christmas night,
the night that an infant was born,
and his mother placed him in a manger,
was the night of paradox,
for that night was the night of destitution!
and also the night of sacredness! That night the little town Bethlehem was crowded due to the census decreed by Caesar Augustus, the red ink of his seal was still fresh...

 moment of grace
the culture that passes money

24 November, 2016

Having got into the jeepney, the passenger says the name of her destination. While saying this, she puts her hands into the purse, counts the coins, and passes the coins to the next passenger, who then passes the money to the next passenger, and the next. The coins keep traveling between the hands of 6 passengers (if the jeepney carries 14), or 7 (if the jeepney carries 16)...

moment of grace
a normal person
2 tháng 7, 2015

In public, it has now become a social norm, we (the early and the late teens, the young and the old, the poor and the rich alike) don’t talk to one another anymore, but to the Iphones and Ipads; we all use our fingers for touch, touch, touch, touching the Iphone! Touching the Iphone in public has been considered, viewed, seen, and accepted as a new way of life…

moment of grace
gospel drama:
24 July, 2014

Jesus (looks into the woman’s eyes): Woman, whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the living water will never thirst. The water that I shall give will become a spring welling up to eternal life.
Woman (with cynical voice): I see!... Sir, I see now. So, give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw any more.
Jesus (pauses for a few moments, then commands: Go… And call your husband...

moment of grace
lost soul...
13 september, 2013

I was lost while aboard my fishing boat, drifting along in the ocean, and all the young girls in my boat were sexually assaulted by Thai fishermen. When my brother was attacked by a fisherman’s knife, he collapsed on to the wooden floor of the boat, he screamed out loud, his two hands covered his face, and blood, much blood streamed out between his fingers. I, being panic at what I saw, burst into tears…

nguyễn trung tây
christmas short story: the chula vista church
28 December, 2016

Under a palm tree with its thickly grown palms casting shadows in the man’s face, he began to slow down. He breathed heavily while removing his gloves and slipping his hands into his pockets. The girl stood motionless, waiting patiently. The man finally took out from a pocket a ten dollar bill. Having held the bill in her hand, the girl then lowered her head, slowly removing the top buttons of her sweater...

vietcatholic interviews fr. michael nguyen, svd
aboriginal ministry in central australia
5 Jan, 2013

VietCatholic/Lan-Vy: For quite a long time, nearly two years, we have not heard from you here at VietCatholic. Some readers have written to us asking about you. But we only know that you are no longer working in Melbourne. Can you let us know where your present ministry is. Michael Quang Nguyen, SVD: My dear readers from VietCatholic, the first words that I’d like to send to our readers, the staff members of VietCatholic and Lan-Vy is “The peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you"...

meditation photo/hình chiêm niệm
realm of light
bien hoa, vietnam, 2016

The meditative photo of “Realm of Light” focuses on a healthy and innocent child. The sunlight became a ray of light from the Bethlehem star shining brightly on the heavenly face and body of the holy child. Jesus’ mother withdrew to the background. And she sat quietly in the shadow while contemplating God’s Son. “Realm of Light” is set against a few dirty pieces of cloth hanging on the fence, a worn-out doormat near the door...


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